Glee All-Over Face Color


If happiness were a color, it'd be Glee. Because this is how your skin

looks when you're unwrapping a present, swinging on a swing, or saying I

do. It's a cheerful, rosy flush you can create day or night

— to boost your spirits as well as your complexion.

Click, Lock, Go™ Sifter Instructions

1. FOR FIRST TIME USE: Remove the clear tab inside to toss away. (Sifter is now in open position.)

2. Dispense product inside lid and begin “Swirl, Tap, Buff®” application.

3. When finished, grab the outer ridges of the sifter and turn to the right until it clicks. (The click indicates the sifter is in closed position.)*

4. Close jar lid.

5. FOR CONTINUED USE: Open jar lid and turn the sifter to the left until it clicks into open position.

  • To stop the flow of product, always close the sifter prior to placing jar lid back on.